UK Unitarian IT Development Website

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This site gives details about the website and other IT services available to UK Unitarian Groups by the DUWIT (Development of Unitarian Websites and IT) team – a small independent group supporting Unitarian groups and congregations.

There are several ways the DUWIT team helps Unitarian Groups.

Template Site

For many years we have offered a free template site. While these are rather dated now, they still offer groups a quick and simple website and are used my many groups. A simple content management facility allows congregations to alter the text on their sites.  New web pages, images and newsletters can be added by the DUWIT. Please see for details.

Clean Website Name

For DUWIT has access to the domain name and the ability to add sub-domains to it.  This means we can set-up names like or with want is called a ‘redirect‘. This is the real name of the groups website, so when our name is entered in a web browser, the person is redirected automatically to the real site. The facility enables groups to advertise a very simple and memorable website name regardless of where they have their website. If you feel your Unitarian group could benefit from using this facility, please email the team at

New WordPress Site

We are now in a position to offer congregations a WordPress website. These allow groups to have complete control over the contents of their sites, allowing them to add pages, images and newsletters as well as change the appearance of the whole site. Maintaining these type of sites is more complex than the template sites, but help is at hand when required.

Here are some examples of what a site can look like:

If you feel your Unitarian group could benefit from using this facility, please email the team at

Promotional Films

The DUWIT team is closely associated with UKunitarianTV who create online films promoting Unitarian values in the UK.  Please see the following websites for more details: