We welcome anyone in the North region to become a member of the Northern Unitarian Association. You can be a member alongside being a member of a church, or another Unitarian organisation. Here’s some more details.

What do I get out of membership?

When people take out membership of the NUA, it helps the NUA’s work of supporting and promoting Unitarianism in the Northern Region, including being able to access funding to attend Unitarian courses (such as “Build Your Own Theology” and the Local Leadership training). It also builds closer links between churches, fellowships and individual Unitarians in the Northern Region, including at the annual Whitby trip!

Are church members at Newcastle and Stockton automatically NUA members?

At present, no. A member can be either: a) an entire church or fellowship, b) any individual Unitarian in the region who wishes to become a subscribing member. Happily, it is easy to join the NUA by letting the NUA Secretary know that you wish to join, and paying a small annual subscription fee, currently the princely sum of £2. You can also talk to your church’s representatives. At Newcastle upon Tyne these are Louise Reeve and Brian Robson. At Stockton they are

Should I consider joining?

We hope you will! The current members hope to revive the NUA as a way of promoting Unitarianism in the Northern region. We want to hear everyone’s ideas on how this could happen.