Meetings and Constitution

This section has details of how the NUA works, our meeting minutes and agendas, also the NUA constitution, and our policies around cookies and data protection.


Since we have only two churches, the district has limited resources both finance and people power. Therefore is normally only one district event each year, normally in October or early November. This comprises a meeting, usually addressed by the GA President, a service of worship, the district Annual General Meeting and a meal together. The NUA’s management committee meets twice a year and members of the two churches support each other’s special events. We also maintain good links with our neighbours in Yorkshire and Scotland, attending their events when we can (such as the YUU Whitby Trip in June each year).

Can anyone attend an NUA meeting?

Any church member may attend an NUA meeting as an observer, and you are welcome to do so. You can find the meeting times and dates on the church’s website, or just ask the church NUA representative (Louise Reeve). If you’d like to do this, please let a member of the NUA committee know prior to the meeting. (It helps us make sure we’ve got enough chairs in the room and copies of the agenda!) We will endeavour to put write-ups into the church calendars in future.

What happens at the NUA AGM?

The 2016 NUA AGM at the Newcastle Unitarian Church.

The NUA AGM alternates between the two churches; in 2017 it will be hosted by Stockton Unitarians. The AGM takes place during the morning of the weekend, but we aim to make it much more than this, opening with a short ceremony, and sharing lunch immediately after the AGM. The afternoon sees a discussion of the year’s achievements, our goals for the coming year, and a talk by a leading Unitarian; in 2018 we expect that it will be Joan Cook, our Unitarian President-elect.

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