The Whitby Trip, July 2016

The 2016 Whitby Trip.

Margaret Robinson writes: “July 17th was the date for our annual visit to Flowergate Unitarian Chapel, Whitby. This time, at the suggestion of Louise Reeve, we made it an NUA District event. We were blessed with a lovely day and it was good to be
joined by members of our Newcastle and Scarborough congregations. Several of us
had a tasty lunch at the Cranberry Swamp restaurant near the Chapel.

“After a pleasant walk around the cliff top we joined a very full congregation for the service, conducted by Rev. Margaret Kirk with Margaret Whitham playing the harmonium. Margaret’s service was perfectly appropriate for the fragile political climate in which we find ourselves. We heard the familiar words of St Paul in his letter to the Corinthians – “Faith, hope and love” – and Rev. Kate Dean’s recent piece
in The Inquirer entitled “How are the Neighbours”?

“St Paul’s letter was also written at a time of much disagreement and argument. His message was that all members of the body should be treated with equal respect. You can have everything, but without love you have nothing. Love is open-hearted; love never does wrong to a neighbour. It’s a message for our times and Margaret entreated us all to take the words of St Paul to heart. These were her closing
words, by R. M. Fewkes: “May the spirit of truth and love rule our hearts and minds, and guide us into those ways that will create love, justice and peace on the earth.”