The Whitby Trip, 18 June 2017

On Sunday 18 June, the Northern Unitarian Association had our annual Whitby Trip. We spent a pleasant afternoon having lunch at a local café, taking part in a service at Whitby Flowergate Unitarian Chapel, and walking on the beach. Here’s some comments from our church members:

Enjoying the Whitby sunshine

Diana Bebby: “It was a really excellent trip, it was wonderful having flowers provided by the Whitby congregation that not only made for a different and very uplifting service, but that we were also allowed to take home, made it very memorable. The congregation were so very welcoming, as always, and we were blessed with marvellous weather for ice cream on the beach as well, an added bonus!”

Ben MacLeod: “The Whitby Trip was the best I could imagine. We struck gold with the weather, apparently the warmest, driest, sunniest day Whitby had had all year. A light lunch at the Cranberry Swamp, purveyors of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free foods before the cool atmosphere in the Unitarian Chapel offered us sanctuary from the crowds and the heat.

“I found the service good, Margaret Kirk’s services always are and the congregation were very welcoming, with plenty of tea and coffee, homemade cakes served on old china, brought round on a wooden tray. Whitby chapel is the perfect size and still beautiful, holding up well against the ravages of time and rain. After the service we flocked to the beach, licked ice cream on the golden shore, stood in the shadow of the harbour lighthouse, banked at the promenade’s furthest reach. The sea was just incredible and the sand seemed to stretch to the ends of the earth. Even though it was months ago now, it clearly was a day to remember.”

Brian Robson: “We left Newcastle in glorious sunshine which continued all day. On arrival in Whitby we had the first ice cream and coffee of the day. Had a tasty vegan lunch in a hippy-style bistro and made our way to the charming Unitarian chapel tucked away in a side alley. We felt uplifted during the service, and so we made our way to the beach accompanied by another ice cream and topped up with candy floss. I decided to take the plunge into the sea and ventured in up to my ankles! It was a lovely excursion in great company.”

Jamie Scott: “A lovely visit with a very warm welcome from the Whitby community and chips on the beach afterwards. A grand day out!”