Unitarian publications

There are two main Unitarian publications, the Inquirer and the Unitarian. Here’s a bit more about them.

The Inquirer

Inquirer issue

The Inquirer is the longest-lived non-conformist paper. Its first issue was published on 9 July 1842. Still published each fortnight, it is the voice of the British and Irish Unitarians and Free Christians. It contains Unitarian news predominantly within the UK, reflective words, articles on contemporary matters and letters to the editor. You can find out more and subscribe on their website: The Inquirer.


The Unitarian

The Unitarian is published ten times a year, with double issues in July and December. It has been running since 1903. It is an independent publication which tries to encapsulate the diversity-in-unity of the Unitarian movement.

The Unitarian has a loyal following and includes A View from Essex Hall (a regular column by Derek McAuley, the current Chief Officer of the General Assembly of Unitarian & Free Christian Churches) and Events at a Glance (a brief guide to events taking place in the Unitarian community). It also offers reflective articles on current issues, profiles of Unitarian churches and groups, and news and views of the Unitarian movement. Find out more and subscirbe on their website here: The Unitarian.